About Us

R&B Hotel School and Training Academy is a privately registetred company with our focus on addressing the demand for training in the hospitality industry. :

We’re the first international hotel school and training academy in the Midvaal region.

The R&B Hotel School and Training Academy offers wheelchair-friendly facilities to provide students with disabilities opportunities to train under the best instructors and to compete favourably in the hospitality industry.

We aim to work with top hotel groups, restaurant chains, caterers and event planning companies in training their personnel and to ensure job placement for students who qualify from our courses.

Students have access to state-of-the-art lecturing rooms and practical training halls to prepare them for work in hotels, lodges, resorts, bars, clubs, and on cruise ships.

Many of our courses are the first of their kind in the industry, setting us apart as a school focussed on the specific training requirements of the growing tourism and hospitality industry in South Africa.

We regularly review and update our courses to reflect the latest industry trends and standards. This ensures that students who complete our courses are not only highly qualified in their respective fields, but also that they have industry and time relevant skills which will help them to work internationally.

We have the support of the Midvaal municipality, various secondary schools and the hospitality communities in the Vaal Triangle. Understanding the need for extensive practical experience, our courses are structured to provide a balance between theory, practical demonstrations, classes and experience.

Our Reputation of service excellence is based on our ability to:

Maintain connections with students and alumni.
Continuously improve on our training programmes.
Actively support diversity.
Structure and present courses relevant to the industry.


R&BWe endeavour to bring back a level of service excellence and professionalism in the hospitality and tourism industries through proper training opeople who work in the industries.

As part of our mission, we want to bring education in the hospitality industry to the Midvaal region, enabling more people to gain the necessary skills for careers in the hospitality industry.

We want to set the benchmark for training, in order to ensure that the students who attend our courses have the skills and knowledge to enter the international job market with confidence.


Our vision can be summarised as “living the dream of hospitality” and to this end, we endeavour to:

  • Fill the gaps of etiquette and finer aspects of service within the industry.
  • Improve the general standard of training in the industry.


We offer a variety of courses, ranging from full-time internationally recognised 2-year diploma courses in the hospitality industry, to shorter courses of 2-4 months.